All employees in Melissa Twomey Counselling sign an Oath of Confidentiality and adhere to Provincial Privacy legislation. All matters you discuss with us are kept confidential. If information about you is to be shared outside this practice, we need your written permission. The only exceptions to this are: 1. If we believe that you are at risk of harming yourself or others. 2. If we believe that a child is at risk of abuse or being neglected. 3. If there is a court order for the file. 4. If there is significant potential for serious bodily harm or death. We require a formal written request if you wish to obtain a copy of your file. Your file will be stored by us for seven years. THIS CONSENT EXPIRES UPON TERMINATION OF SERVICE What if I am not satisfied with the services? If you are not satisfied with the services that you have received, please let your worker know what your expectations were, and how they were not met. In most cases you and your therapist are best qualified to resolve your concerns. If your concerns are not resolved by your worker, and you wish to make a complaint, you can contact the BCACC in writing or by phone. The BCACC will document your concerns and offer the following options: • Ask for your input about resolving your concerns. • Transfer you to a different worker or counselor that may be a better match • Refer your concerns and suggestions to your therapist’s supervisor