What is Self-Regulation Therapy?

Self Regulation Therapy (SRT) offers a mind-body approach to reducing excess nervous activation. With roots in neurobiology, SRT reflects the human’s built-in automatic response to threat or novelty. SRT is an integrative somatic approach to diminishing excess activation and resolving developmental and shock trauma, as well as eliminating symptoms associated with post traumatic stress disorder

The nervous system changes as the result of negative events, but Self Regulation Therapy helps the nervous system to integrate these events and balance the nervous system. SRT takes place in a contained environment where the client feels safe. It helps to develop new neural pathways to help the client to develop flexibility and to better handle daily stresses and challenges.

Self Regulation Therapy can help the symptoms of dysregulation, including mood disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, stress and anxiety disorders, and physical issues such as chronic pain, asthma, migraines and insomnia. SRT brings balance to the nervous system and helps individuals experience joy, closeness in relationships and resiliency in the body.

Adapted from CounsellingBC.com